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Exhibition of Abstract Design by Thirteen Artists in collaboration with Porthia Prints
Heal & Son Ltd. Tottenham Court Road, London.
1st to 22nd March 1955


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List of works



1. William Gear. Structure, August 1954. Oil. 50gns
2. William Gear. Grey Sturcture, March 1954. Oil. 35gns
3. William Gear. Red & Black Study, March 1954. Gouache. 10gns
4. William Gear. Trunk Study. August 1954. Ink. 12gns
5. William Gear. Landscape Study. August 1948. Gouache. 12gns
6. Terry Frost. Red Harbour. Oil. 27gns
7. Terry Frost. Yellow & Black Movement. Oil. 27gns
8. Peter Lanyon. Inland Waters. Oil. £45
9. Peter Lanyon. green Coast. Oil. £25
10. Michael Snow. White, Red & Grey. Relief. £25
11. Michael Snow. Harbour Light. Drawing. 10gns
12. Michael Snow. 1954 (In the collection of Fred Woodford). Relief. NFS
13. John Forrester. Double Form. Relief. £35
14. John Forrester. Space Curve. £35
15. Jon Forrester. Halsetown Church. Drawing. £16
16. W. Barnes Graham. Orange, White & red. Oil. 25gns
17. W. Barnes Graham. Black & Pick (Property of Adrian Flowers). NFS
18. John Wells. Window. Oil. £45
19. John Wells. Cliff. Oil. £45
20. Stanley Dorfman. Narrow forms. Oil. £30
21. Stanley Dorfman. Two Rectangles. Oil. £25
22. Barbara Hepworth. Figures in Flight. Oil & Pencil. £50
23. Barbara Hepworth. Coronation Dance. Oil & Pencil. £40
24. Roger Hilton. September, 1953. Oil. 30gns
25. Roger Hilton. June, 1953. Oil. 30gns
26. Roger Hilton. June-September, 1953. Oil. 40gns
27. Patric Heron. Hellesvian, St Ives. Oil. 40gns
28. Patric Heron. Green Harbour Window at Night, St Ives. Oil. 75gns
29. Patric Heron. Landscape at Bryher, Scilly Isles. Oil. 65gns


30. Michael Snow. Leaf Form (In the Collection of Fred Woodford). NFS
31. Dennis Mitchell. Turning Form in Sycamore (In the Collection of Adrian Flowers). NFS
32. Dennis Mitchell. Three Forms in Space. 30gns
33. Dennis Mitchell. Family Portrait. 1954. 20gns
34. Dennis Mitchell. Two Forms in Space. 1954. 15gns
35. Dennis Mitchell. Figure in Walnut. 18gns
36. Robert Adams. Three Forms in Mahogany. 18gns
37. Robert Adams. Carving in Elm. 18gns
38. Robert Adams. Conic form in Walnut. 50gns
39. Robert Adams. Head in Oak. 18gns
40. Robert Adams. Bronze Figure. 20gns


41. Peter Lanyon. Thaw. Silk Screen Print. £10 (Print) £12 (Framed)
42. John Forrester. Black & Yellow. Collage Print. £8
43. Dennis Mitchell. Clockworks. Silk Screen Print. £2 (Print £3 (Framed)
44. Dennis Mitchell. One & Two. Silk Screen Print. £2 (Print) £3 (Framed)
45. Dennis Mitchell. Flags. Silk Screen Print. £2 (Print) £3 (Framed)
46. Dennis Mitchell. Moonlight Signals. Silk Screen Print. £4 (Print) 5gns (Framed)
47. Stanley Dorfman. Silk Screen Print. £4
48. Stanley Dorfman. Silk Screen Print. £5
49. John Wells. Engraving. 5gns
50. John Wells. Lino Cut. 3gns

Table Mats
(Silk Screen Printed - in sets of six mats)

CM/L/A. Robert Adams. £2.15.0d per set
CM/L/B. W. Barnes Graham. £2.15.0d per set
CM/L/C. Stanley Dorfman. £2.15.0d per set
John Forrester. £2.15.0d per set
CM/L/E. Terry Frost. £2.15.0d per set
CM/L/F. William Gear. £2.15.0d per set
CM/L/G. Barbara Hepworth. £2.15.0d per set
CM/L/H. Patric Heron. £2.15.0d per set
CM/L/I. Roger Hilton. £2.15.0d per set
CM/L/J. Peter Lanyon. £2.15.0d per set
CM/L/K. Dennis Mitchell. £2.15.0d per set
CM/L/L. Michael Snow. £2.15.0d per set
CM/L/M. John Wells. £2.15.0d per set