Zawn (Original Title 'Time')

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Medium - Bronze
Date - 21 November 1958
Size - 14 inches (35 cms) height
Edition - 3 plus 0
Exhibited - Waddingtons Gallery, London. Marjorie Parr Gallery, London. Arnolfini Gallery, Bristol. Demarco Gallery, Edinburgh. Gillian Jason Gallery, London. Festival Gallery, Bath. Glynn Vivian Gallery, Swansea. Penwith Galleries, St Ives (1992). Gardner Arts Centre, Brighton (1993).
Collections - Private.
Auction details - Sold Christies, London, 11/1993, Hammer Price £720.00. Sold Ed 2, Phillips, Edinburgh, 05/2000, Hammer Price £950.00. Ed 3 of 3 Sold Bonhams, London, 11/2017, Hammer price £6,500.00
Publications - Illustrated Richard Demarco Catalogue (1968). Illustrated Glynn Vivian Gallery Catalogue, Swansea (1979). Illustrated Penwith Galleries Catalogue, St Ives (1992)
Notes - A test cast in base metal was sold at auction in 02/2007. It was bought by Denis's great friend Beron O'casey who prompt;y destroyed it
. Zawn was either the first or second Bronze produced by Denis and for some reason he was very precise about the date of conception.