Carn Galver (also written as Carngalver)

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Medium - Bronze
Date - 1967
Size - 26 x 5 inches (66 x 13 cms) width x height
Edition - 5 plus 0
Exhibited - Arnolfini Gallery, Bristol (1967). Glynn Vivian Art Gallery, Swansea (1979). Richard Demarco Gallery, Edinburgh (1968). Marjorie Parr Galleries, London (1969). Penwith Galleries, St Ives (1968). George Dannatt and Friends, Osborne Samuel, London (2015).
Collections - Private.
Auction details -
Publications - Illustrated in the Marjorie Parr 1969 exhibition catalogue. Illustrated Glynn Vivian Gallery Catalogue, Swansea (1979). Illustrated George Dannatt and Friends Catalogue, Osborne Samuel, London (2015) Page 51.
Notes - The first and third images show the work mounted on slate, while the second image shows another cast from the same edition mounted on Cornish wood. A larger version of this work in fibreglass was also produced. The first and third images show the work on a conical spacer. It would seem that the first cone is of slate whilstthe third is in bronze