Cavean (also spelt Carvean in some catalogues)

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Medium - Bronze
Date - 1975
Size - 6 x 5 inches (15 x 12 cms) height x width
Edition - 7 plus 0
Exhibited - Oxford Gallery, Oxford (1974). Marjorie Parr Gallery, London (1975). Crane Kalman Gallery, London (1986). Wills Lane Gallery, St Ives (1987). Flowers East, London (1993). Gillian Jason Gallery, London (1990). Glynn Vivian Art Gallery, Swansea (1994). Gardner Arts Centre, Brighton (1993).
Collections - Private.
Auction details -
Publications - Illustrated Glynn Vivian Gallery Catalogue, Swansea (1979)
Notes. The first image shows a sculpture from this edition with the polished surface and patination reversed to that of the sculpture in the second image.